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VLR Emerald LO206 Chassis

VLR “Emerald”
Take the Journey…

Start your journey with the VLR “Emerald Karting Experience”. Capture the excitement of racing behind the wheel of a highly tuned, race ready high performance race vehicle. Then plug into the heart pounding excitement of wheel to wheel competition. VLR’s “Emerald Karting Experience” provides the excitement for you to…take the journey.

The Emerald chassis is manufactured in Verona Italy by EMME Racing. Mr. Nicoletta Murari proprietor is a highly skilled kart designer, acclaimed production and operations professional who employs only master machinists, technicians and accomplished assemblers.

The chassis reveals highly engineered and purpose built tubing designed to provide the most desirable flex characteristic for the Emerald chassis.

The smooth precise bends are perfectly duplicated for each chassis ensuring consistent chassis performance.

After bending, the tubes are fitted into a state of the art custom welding fixture. These fixtures are specifically designed to eliminate warpage, address the challenge of metal memory and firmly hold the tubes in the perfect position for welding.

The welding department is second to none featuring a complete array of robotic welding drones which maximize consistency of weld/penetration and insures duplication making the Emerald chassis the best it can be…superior craftsmanship!

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