How to Get Into Karting

If you’re thinking about getting into the sport of karting, welcome!

With a little preparation, it can be an enjoyable and thrilling experience.

We hope this guide will help get you started.

There are some things you should know prior to diving in so that you can make choices which will allow you to enjoy karting and remain in the sport for years to come.

When starting in karting, one of the most important things to decide on is: Do you seek the competition of side-by-side racing, or the speed and excitement of solo practicing? Don’t worry; you can always change your mind later.

There are a few practical things to take into account before moving forward:

  • Where is the local kart track (or tracks)?
  • What are the local karting clubs/organizations near you?
  • What type of racing do they offer?
  • When do they run racing events and practice days?
  • What are the regulations that they follow on practice and race days?
  • What are the costs for membership, practice sessions, and race entries?
  • What is your estimated yearly karting budget?
  • How will you transport your kart to the track and back home and what are your storage options?
  • What days will you be able to go to the track?

Once you have figured out these items you’re ready for part two:

  • Go to the local racetrack (or tracks) on a RACE DAY to see the karts in action, the classes run, and the participation in the classes to see what gets your juices flowing.
  • Get a pit pass, walk the pits and talk to the drivers, spectators, kart shop representatives, and other participants. They will be glad to talk and welcome you to the sport.
  • The used market is pretty healthy with modern clean equipment that can be had at great introductory prices, but can come with unknown reliability or maintenance issues. Buying a used kart on Craigslist can be especially risky and is not recommended unless you have spoken to a reputable kart shop first about the kart you are looking at. We have talked to countless people over the years who purchased a used kart from Craigslist before speaking with their local kart shop or local race track and found that the kart is incompatible with the classes run at kart tracks or national series and full of out-of-date equipment that is non compliant. You can end up spending a large amount of needless money to be able to “race ready” your new kart. So, if looking on Craiglist; buyer should always beware when it comes to karting equipment!
  • It’s usually best to keep within a 5 year window of production. Older karts can be harder to find replacement parts and support for.
  • It’s much easier to buy a brand of chassis that has local parts availability and support.
  • Buy a brand of engine that has local parts availability.
  • It is not recommended you get a shifter kart as your first kart. While thrilling to drive, the experience can be overwhelming for new drivers. The performance of a shifter can place demands on your body and wallet you may not be ready for. It is not uncommon to find shifter setups for sale after only a few sessions.

For any further advice/questions/or support on how to get into karting please do not hesitate to contact the friendly team at Innovative Karting. We would love to hear from you!

Now, get out there and enjoy the wonderful sport of karting! 🙂

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