Meet The Team

The Ruth Family

"We are a family owned business and kart racing is our passion!"

Curtis Ruth

Curtis is the owner/manager of Innovative Karting. 

 Curtis comes from a racing family that has racing blood deep within their roots. He started racing on a competitive level when he was only 4 years old.

 He started off racing quarter-midgets at the age of 4 and then started racing go karts when he was 12 years old and hasnt stopped since.  He has won countless trophies and titles on both the local and national level of karting.

Curtis has been in the kart racing business for over 20 years now and this is the only job/career that he has ever had since he was a teenager.  He truly loves the career path he has chose and his wonderful customers who he gets to work with on a daily basis.  One of his favorite sayings is:  "Our friends are our customers, and our customers are our friends."


Also, Curtis can really relate to his karting clients because not only is he the owner of a kart shop, but he is there on race days usually racing right along beside you in his #40 kart! 

Ask your kart shop if they still race.  This can give a deep knowledge of the current karting technology.

Melissa Ruth

Melissa is Curtis' wife and has been around kart racing 

since 1999 when she first met Curtis, and has been working at the kart shop along side her husband since 2005. 

She handles all the books and paperwork of the business and also is the creator and webmaster of this-albeit, simple but hopefully informative ;)-website.


She enjoys home decoration, photography, taking care of their three wonderful sons and watching them grow, and, of course, going to the kart race track to watch the races!  She is also an established doll artist that creates lifelike dolls known as "Reborns" which she creates for her doll enthusiast customers and has sold all over the world.

The Boys!

The heart of our team.

Matthew Ruth

Matthew is Curtis and Melissa's 1st and oldest child who was born March 30th, 2006.

Matthew is an excellent student and very much loves school, riding his bike, gaming, swimming, working on his You Tube channel, and has a passion for computers and technology.  He is also fascinated with freeways and roads and how they all work.  

Matthew says he wants to be a computer engineer when he grows up.

Kevin Ruth

 Kevin is Curtis and Melissa Ruth's middle child who was born April 9th, 2012. 

His hobbies include: riding his Power Wheel go kart, riding his bike, swimming, and playing with his toys and tablet.

He also enjoys visiting the race track and going with Mommy to the kart shop to watch her do paperwork and watch Daddy work on go karts.  He calls our kart shop: "Daddy's go-kart garage".

Kevin started racing in the kid kart class at age 5 at PKRA (#38).  He is having a blast with his fellow little racers!

Tristan Ruth

Tristan James is our newest little boy to the Ruth Team and he was just born April 8th, 2016.

 He is the sweetest little baby boy and a perfect addition to our family!

He loves to eat, sleep, smile, coo, play with his toys, and he is now a walking machine toddling all over the place! 

Stop by the shop or the track and you might get to meet this precious little guy! :)