Rich Alten's Karting Performance


Are you out of shape or want to enhance your karting skills by getting healthier and more lean? Being healthy and in shape greatly helps your karting experience! 

Learn from one of the best Masters kart racers at PKRA!  Innovative Karting has partnered with Rich Alten's Performance to help the karting community get in shape for their time on and off the track!

"I do one-on-one coaching for many areas in athletic and fitness performance.  Karting, like any other sport, takes a certain amount of strength and endurance and even adequate nutrition to be able to handle the G forces that comes with racing. Having the strength and endurance and a clear perception while trying to maneuver around the track, setting up passes, etc, all while you are tired, is key.  It’s one thing to be able to drive and do well while you are fresh and not in survival mode. But that is not realistic in sports. You must be able to perform any event with optimal actions and reactions while you are in a fatigue state. That is called “endurance strength”.

Some people may have the brute strength, but do not have the endurance and strength that allows their central nervous system to adapt to the demands placed upon them that karting puts on the body and the mind.  I can help with that."

Please visit my WEBSITE for more information and let me know if you want to get started on improving your karting skills through physical fitness!  

- Rich Alten, owner and manager of Rich Alten's Wellness & Performance Systems.